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See Circular Economy Businesses in Action...

The transition towards sustainability (healthy planet, healthy people, healthy profits) requires new behaviours.  

Specifically, we need to set a goal of never letting garbage reach a landfill or garbage dump. 

Instead, we embrace a Circular Economy in which we reuse what we throw away over and over and over again. New industry standards for the use of waste materials need to be developed. 

Meet the Dutch companies at the forefront of the transition towards Circular Economy practices. 

What aspects of the implementation can you adopt and adapt locally? 

Watch "Dutch businesses work to test the concept of a circular economy" onm YouTube

Show transcript 

De Cuevel


Space and Matter

Circle Economy 

Black Bear Carbon

Watch "Black Bear overview and building of first installation" on YouTube

Mud Jeans

Netherlands Government 

See our resource pages for more information on the Circular Economy (focused on waste valorisation) and Bio-Economy (focused on biological safety AND waste valorisation) 

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