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Life Sciences

Understanding Epigenomic Evolution - African Dragonflies

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If you work in the life sciences, you may find that you’re spending less time doing experiments and more time analyzing huge amounts of biological data. Training online help you do this quickly and efficiently.

CSTI is looking to train Professionals/Researchers/students/citizens who are in life sciences, not only those pursuing their Ph.D. and masters but also B.Sc. students and hobbyists interested in this field. 

We focus on applied science projects that enable you to contextualize your knowledge by working in transdisciplinary teams to solve environmental degradation challenges that are caused by human activities.
Ways you can volunteer/skills you can learn:

  1. Collect and share DNA samples

  2. Share site pictures and GPS tags where samples are collected

  3. Share details about pollutants on the site 

  4. Barcode DNA samples

  5. Translate barcodes into QPR codes

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