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Meet Our Team

Our team of science experts are ready to provide technical assistance on chemicals and AI: materials design, process optimization, quality testing, product development, toxicity reduction, circular design.

Dr. Enock Osoro

Inorganic Chemistry Lead

DOSH Approved Air Quality Monitor-AQM/033 | Research | Chemical Analyst | Environmental Consultant | HSE Expert

Research specialisation in testing for PBDEs and organochlorines.
Currently working on developing protocols for local USETox environmental testing & XRF analysis to establish a local samples data inventory of heavy metals, GHGs PBDEs, PFAs in soil, water, and air. Interested in eliminating toxins in construction materials and green hydrogen, emphasis on understanding absorption/desorption mechanisms that transfer toxins into the environment.

Dr. Kennedy Olale

Analytical Chemistry Lead

Accomplished scientist with a strong research background in analytical chemistry, chemometrics and spectroscopy, food analysis, sustainable chemistry, and environmental chemistry.

Currently working on DALY (disability life adjusted years) impacts of PFAs in Africa.

Published several papers in peer-reviewed journals and recipient of several awards and grants for research, including the National Commission for Science, Technology, and Innovation (NACOSTI) 2015, World Agroforestry (ICRAF) Research Fellowship (2009) under Carbon Benefits Project (CBP): Modelling, Measurement, and Monitoring -Funded by UNEP through GEF fund and World Agroforestry (ICRAF) Doctoral Research Fellowship under Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) CGIAR project. He is currently a lecturer and thematic head of analytical and sustainable chemistry research at the Department of Chemistry, School of Pure and Applied Sciences, Kisii University, and the Examination Officer for the school.

Kennedy Olale.jpg

Charity Irungu, B.Sc.

Process Chemist

Passionate about developing industry standards for reduced toxins and safer substitutes in consumer products and construction materials. Equally passionate about art and design.

Currently working evaluating low carbon, low material pathways for affordable construction materials, e.g. LC3 cement, natural additives,  alternatives for plastics, heavy metals, phytoremediation, and construction materials standards for low-toxicity.  Skills · Analytical Chemistry · Teamwork · Microsoft Office · Microsoft Excel · ChatGPT · Stakeholder Engagement

Laboratory Skills: Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (sample preparation), High Performance Liquid Chromatography.(sample preparation) 

Charity Irungu.jpg

Dr. Harrison Ndung'u

Bioinformatics and

Biochemistry Lead

Proven research experience as an independent researcher and 
collaborative efforts in academia and industry.

Currently working on understanding the protein receptor binding of air pollutants in individuals with Sickle Cell disease. Emphasis on understanding the paradox of nitric oxide.

Possess versatile competency in handling different types of biological datasets, including RNA-seq datasets, microarray data, WGS data, genomic & proteomics datasets, and macromolecular 3D structures.

Harrison Ndungu.jpg

Kirika Kivuti, MSc.

Biotechnology Researcher

Baraton University team project to produce cassava bioplastic as carrier bags for commercial use, in response to the ban on synthetic plastic-based carry bags in Kenya. The team won a financial prize that secured a PCR machine for the university.

Currently working on developing protocols for DNA sequencing of African odonata in order to ascertain epigenetic effects of exposure to PFAs.

Skills: Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) · Laboratory Skills · Polymer Science · Genomics · Teamwork · Microsoft Office · Microsoft Excel · Management · Research · Microsoft Word · Microsoft PowerPoint · Project Management · Chemistry · Biochemistry · Biotechnology · Food Microbiology · Polymer Chemistry


Kirika Kivuti.jpg

We are Growing

More Talent coming

Stay tuned as we enhance our capacity....


Our Partners

Crystal Salt
ISC3 Clear Logo.png

International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (GIZ - Bonn, Germany)

ISC3 is an international centre that fosters the transition of the chemical and chemical-related sectors to Sustainable Chemistry, promoting a circular economy across the life cycle of products and stakeholder behaviours.

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