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Mission: Improving lives through science, technology and innovation.


CSTI is a Kenya-based research and development hub and think tank. We support science-driven environmental initiatives to stimulate the development of new technologies, promote sustainable business innovations and enable community-led growth across Africa.


At CSTI, we're not just about cutting-edge research and technological breakthroughs; we're about creating a positive impact that resonates with the heart of humanity. Imagine joining hands with a hub of innovation, a place where the pursuit of environmental solutions is intertwined with a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to making a difference.

  1. Holistic Environmental Solutions:

    • Picture a world where our solutions go beyond the scientific, embracing Biomimicry, Green Chemistry, and Digitalization to create a harmony where nature and technology coexist.

  2. UNESCO Affiliation and Scientific Trust Status:

    • We're not just a research center; we're a global family, proudly associated with UNESCO. As a scientific trust in Kenya, we believe in conducting research not just for the sake of progress, but with the ethical values that echo globally.

  3. Strategic NGO Collaborations:

    • Imagine collaborating with us, the pioneers who have joined hands with top NGOs. It's not just about credibility; it's about collective impact, knowing that our projects are contributing to a bigger picture of global environmental goals.

  4. Advanced Technological Toolkit:

    • Dive into our toolkits - IoT Sensors, Satellite Environmental Surveillance, and Digital Twin Modeling. It's not just technology; it's the power to see, sense, and make a real difference in the world we share.

  5. $20M Capital Campaign for Green Chemistry Goals:

    • We're on a journey, seeking support not just for a lab but for a vision. We're reaching out to potential funders and banking firms, not just as partners but as advocates for a future where green chemistry isn't just a goal; it's a reality we create together.

  6. Track Record of Positive Change:

    • Look back at our history, and you'll find stories of change. It's not just a track record; it's a legacy of success where each project is a chapter in a book of positive impact.

  7. Global Collaboration Hub:

    • Join us not just as collaborators but as family. We're not just at the intersection of research and technology; we're at the crossroads of hearts and minds, fostering partnerships that transcend boundaries for a sustainable world we all share.


Choosing CSTI is more than a partnership; it's an invitation to be part of a community that believes in creating a future where environmental harmony and human well-being go hand in hand. Together, let's turn aspirations into a living, breathing reality that echoes in the hearts of generations to come.

The aims of the Center are:

  1. To promote innovation in science teaching at the secondary and tertiary education levels through the incorporation of new trends in science.

  2. To enhance the transfer of science and technology research results to distressed communities for economic development.

  3. To promote constructive linkages between science and industry, for the enhancement of economic development.

  4. To promote the effective use of science and technology in the food production process.

  5. To facilitate initiative to achieve greater efficiency, through the adoption of good scientific principles, in the provision of various categories of services.

  6. To promote the use of information and communication technologies in the transfer of science and technology.

  7. To collaborate with other centres with similar objectives and aims.

  8. To act as broker of knowledge and skills between researcher/research institution and end-users including policy makers.

  9. To perform any other duty furthering the development, promotion and dissemination of science and technology.

How We Work:

CSTI is chartered under Kenyan law as an educational Trust. Our trustees are recognized faculty from Kenyan universities.  The Kenya National Academy of Sciences serves as our governing body to ensure peer reviewed scrutiny of our activities.  Our association with UNESCO links us to the global scientific community.

Our research projects, deeply rooted in ethical and socio-economic considerations, not only lay the groundwork for transformative design and business models but also integrate cutting-edge capabilities. These capabilities are dedicated to reducing toxins across diverse sectors, empowering startups, communities, organizations, chemists, researchers, regulators, and investors. Through environmental science, ecosystem mapping, green chemistry laboratory capacity development, and innovative toxin reduction strategies, we are actively pioneering a sustainable and toxin-free environment.

CSTI activities must be educational in focus.  We respond to community requests for assistance on complex challenges such as climate change related drought, the spread of infectious diseases, and, livelihoods that are adversely impacted by the spread of invasive species.  Our solutions leverage Human Centered Design and Appropriate Technology in order to create sustainable adaptive tools and processes which communities can manage on their own.

In this manner, we link scientific innovation to the benefit of everyday people.

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