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Kenya Sustainable Cities - We Have 10 years to Get this VERY right

The recent IPCC report explains how we need to cut global emissions to a greater extent and radically faster than previously anticipated.

A summary of what this means for Kenya and Africa can be found in the public statement by CSTI Board Member, Dr Evans Kituyi

The full report is available via this link

Kenya and Africa are not alone. BBC news presents a global overview

Watch "Why we're heading for a 'climate catastrophe' - BBC Newsnight" on YouTube

The Hague has just ruled national governments must take action

Let us make international headlines by coming together with effective solutions and reducing emissions before the deadline, even by greater than required.

Here are the highlights and pathways in pictures:

Think of Circular Bio-Economy and Biotechnology replacements in each of the SDGs

Scenario P1 is the preferred state. Scenario P2 gives us a solid long term adaptation pathway

Priority Emissions for Reduction

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