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Kenya Sustainable Cities - Car Companies, City Solutions and Blockchain

The key to sustainable cities is a mindset shift. The shift is first a recognition that scientific data can be used to improve company operations and supplier operations. 

Ford Motor Company has made the mindset shift. Ford has joined with its business partners to create the City Solutions network. Members examine company products, profitability, social justice and environmental responsibility.

Data gathering is key to improving operations. Without data you cannot tell if operations are improving and you cannot measure the impact of changes you make. Ford joined with Siemens to leverage blockchain traceability in its Cellular Vehicle to Everything (CV2X) platform

Ford is not the only automaker exploring blockchain. Toyota is using the data to examine insurance. GM is exploring mobility services.

Imagine what could be achieved with emissions reduction if blockchain were used to track the type and quality of fuel in each car and each fueling station. With biomass fuels we could track the specific set of trees or the specific agriwaste and point of origin that is used in green diesel or green gasoline. We could ensure fair labor was used. We could also ensure food supplies are not being used as biomass fuel feedstock. This would create true #BiologicalSafety and ensure the abundance of #BiologicalLuxury (biodiversity wealth). 

Honeywell Green Diesel™

Just How Real is Blockchain for Oil and Gas


Blockchain Based Decentralized Management of DemandResponse Programs in Smart Energy Grids (2018)

Blockchain technology could make smart meters more secure – analysis

In Kenya we could buy cars with the confidence that odometer readings are not fake. 

Blockchain technology to end counterfeits, fakes — Ndemo (2018)

Zero emissions, zero counterfeits, zero congestion, zero collisions, zero fatalities. Not science fiction if we commit to trials and sharing what works in cities across the world. 

Watch "V2X Smart Mobility in Columbus, Ohio" on YouTube

Startup innovation will be the key to making these ideas a reality in Kenya. 

CS Mucheru joins Richard Branson, Sergey Brin at Blockchain forum in Morocco (July 2018)

What inspires you? 

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