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Kenya Sustainable Cities - Think of Yourself as a Biomass Fuel

Today we engage in what we hope is a fun visioning process.   

Instead of thinking about yourself as a human, think of yourself as a biomass fuel searching for humans who will give you a job.

As with any job application, the first thing you need to do is describe yourself, your qualifications and what you want to contribute if hired:

I am a biomass fuel which means that my family history is rich with agricultural waste, non-edible plants, and, organic microbes that all produce energy. As a family, we are present everywhere in the world. Not many people know about us though. In ancient times we were called firewood but in today's digital era we are better known by our outputs such as butanol, methane gas, and other products you use for electricity and heating. Some give our family a very fancy name called SynGas. 

There are two main reasons I am highly qualified to be hired in your energy sector.  

First, we are a renewable source of energy which means you do not have to worry about spending millions to develop mining and extraction facilities on sites that will run out of raw materials. Instead, you spend millions on facilities that also help perform eco-system services such as growing more forests or using agricultural and human waste as raw materials. Your mining and extraction skills work very well in the places my family is found and the working environment is safer because you don't have to risk workers getting trapped in caverns or mine shafts. They can also enjoy daylight while working. 

Second, my family and I help you create new employment opportunities within the energy sector. Your current supply chain is typically limited to large multinational conglomerates. By tapping into my family's resources, you can expand your supply chain to include farmers, marginalised groups, sanitation workers, anyone who can work to grow more forests or collect agricultural and human waste as raw materials. 

If hired, I will be a valuable asset to your energy sector because I will provide you with multiple new revenue streams while also encouraging the development of new technologies. I can function at a micro or macro scale which is a flexibility that few energy families can offer. 

If you want a reference on my capabilities, see the following video from Envergent, a Honeywell subsidiary. 

Watch "Biomass to Renewable Fuels | Oil & Gas | Honeywell" on YouTube

How do you feel about my candidacy as a member of your energy team? 

We hope this visioning process has helped you see new opportunities in biomass fuels as a viable economic solution. 

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our research and innovation activities in Kenya. 

Give us a call or send us a note:

+254 735 200 458 

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