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Kenya Sustainable Cities - Bicycles

A discussion that caused much enthusiasm at the First East Africa Sustainable Cities conference: bicycles

Reasons: affordable, zero CO2/GHG emissions, promotes activity/healthy lifestyles

Two Proposals:

1. Increase bike sharing programs

Existing models you can join:

2. Create a Tour du Afrique

Existing model you can join:

Things to demand from politicians:

Paved roads

Bicycle lanes

Picture is Nyere Road with resurfacing just completed this week

Subliminal message for bicycle lanes 😊

And yes, there is a biotechnology angle:

According to the company, Bicycles are bicyclic peptides, typically between 9 and 15 amino acids in size, which show sub-nanomolar affinity against diverse targets and target classes including enzymes, proteases, receptors, GPCRs, surface ligands and secreted proteins. Bicycles have been defined as small molecules by the regulatory authorities, are chemically synthesised and highly soluble, providing manufacturing and formulation flexibility. 

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