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Strategy for Societal Growth

I am delighted to join the CSTI team! Strategy & Innovation are typically used in the context of enhancing corporate competitive positions. However, the complexity and rate of change in the world we live in puts us in competition with our very existence. We can apply strategic segmentation to ensure all socio-economic strata have equitable prosperity, health and safety. We can use strategic foresight to develop pro-active safety measures instead of always responding after natural disasters occur. Innovation can be applied both to the new technologies that we design as well as to the products and systems we use to enhance social harmony. Discovery, knowledge and intellectual property can be used to the benefit of species that have no human voice. Capital measures can evaluate biological health in addition to fiscal health. Using the triple bottom line (people, planet, profits) we are able to link corporate performance, social performance and natural performance so that we can measure progress on all fronts. A strategic action plan is useless if nobody understands it. This is why CSTI's role is so critical. Strategies like green chemistry and clean technology are often not easy to understand. CSTI is a translator that enables every day people to link to sustainable science. We look forward to the transformations that will emerge....

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