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3-Dimensional Kenyan Food Packaging

We are very pleased to launch our newest community science project! Of course, on the physical plane, food packaging has 3 dimensions: height (y), width (x), depth(z).

On the sustainability side, there are also 3 dimensions:

(1) affordable (profit for the producer, the supplier AND the consumer);

(2) culturally appealing (people feel a positive emotional connection to the design as well the production process);

(3) technologically appropriate (planetary resources are regenerated due to the manner in which the food packaging is made and disposed).

We are unifying the creative and innovation capacity of local expertise. The production raw materials are natural fibres from plants that have caused a problem for local communities (e.g. water hyacinth). The production tools are 3D printers and micro-manufacturing methods. The design standard combines traditional artifacts such as gourds with design for biodegradability and design for empowerment.

Watch our video and stay tuned for updates....

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