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Kenya Sustainable Cities - Shifting to a Mindset of Biological Safety and Luxury

Think of the biological mindset as your default mindset. After all, you are born a biological creature. Whether we use extensive non-biological systems and machinery to enable our daily lifestyles, we are all biological.

The same way in which we shop for a new dress or a new suit, we can "shop" for biological synergy. In other words, shopping is a very basic hunter gather instinct (go find what is needed) mixed in with the ancient practice of trade (exchange of goods and services). 

What if "dress" or "suit" became "healthy" or "compostable." If you are asking how would you find this, when was the last time you checked for shops that say "eco-friendly products"? If you have never looked, why is it that you don't search for products that are biologically compatible with your natural state of being?  

If you have looked, what is your reaction to what you find? Do you find products you really like but the prices are too high? Know that the good news is that the more you ask for affordable eco-friendly products in stores, the more abundant the supply becomes. Stores sell you what they think you want. If you tell them you want something different, they are in the business of selling you what you want. (-:  

Let the retailer become your personal concierge who finds you what you need. That is their job and, if you make constant requests for a better product, they will have to get better at giving you what you want. 

In the interim, here are some starters you can share.

The second step is re-evaluation. How do I plan my wardrobe? If I have a 5,000Ksh (approximately $50) max budget to buy clothes for the month, do I buy 5 t-shirts at 1,000Ksh each that will be worn out in 12 months or look for one t-shirt at 3,000Ksh that will last 36 months and save myself 2,000Ksh? The goals of luxury living are:

1. to have more with less - instead of trying to accumulate everything, focus on accumulating what matters

2. to accumulate over time - you don't build a fabulous wardrobe in one shopping trip, you build a fabulous wardrobe over decades. Even if all you can afford right now is a flexible roll-up wardrobe, think of your clothing as individual art pieces in a gallery collection - how do they fit together? How can they be reassembled to look different? 

These two steps are the essence of the hunter gathering mindset for biological safety and luxury. 

How can you use these two steps in your daily life? 

Why we are sharing this information:

At CSTI we don't make clothing but we do analyze and make the biologically safer chemicals that are found in clothing and other products. The more you ask for biological safety and luxury, the more research and development business we get. (-:

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